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WODIA Training Institute (WOTI) is for Management Training
and Skills Development exercise. WOTI was founded
with the Approval of the Centre for Management Development
(CMD) , the Nigerian Federal Government Agency responsible for
accreditation of management training institutions in the country.

WOTI acts as consultant to organizations and involves in
Identifying Training Needs  (ITN) of each organization. It Trains,
coaches and mentors institutional members as desired.

The objectives of WOTI are to generate employment and
reduce poverty through enhancement of qualitative human
capital output and skill acquisition. This is aimed at promoting
institutional strengthening, capacity building, organizational
durability and  economic self-sufficiency.
WOTI charges subsidised fees for her courses to enable more
people benefit from the rewarding programs.

Resource Persons  at WOTI are Professional Training
Consultants  in their various disciplines and other Training
Consultants from national and international agencies. WOTI uses
the  SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time
bound principle in the design and implementation of her training

The methodologies adopted  for training at WOTI  include
Lecture, Role Play, Case Study, Discussion, Demonstration and  
Project Methods amongst others, designed to suit the audience
to make learning user friendly.

Training Aids
Training Consultants at WOTI use a lot of training aids to
facilitate learning. Some of the aids are Audio Visual aids(e.g.
Computers, television etc.) , Visual Aids(pictures, overhead
projectors, multi-media, handouts etc.) and Audio
Aids(microphones, tape recorders etc).

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Management Training and Skills development
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