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 WODIA's previous activities    

SOME OF WODIA'S RECENT PROGRAMS                                

Programs recently implemented by WODIA for women include:

1 Training and Development for Professional Ladies.

2. Education and Information on Reproductive Health and HIV AIDS.

3. Empowerment and Exposure to opportunities in Agricultural Sector for Food   
    Security and Hunger Reduction.

4. Training in Information Technology for present-time relevance.

5. Health Enhancement and Longevity Programs (HELP) for Women.

6. Vocational Training for Self Employment for Leadership in Future (SELF).

7. Counselling and support for battered ladies and women in distress.

8. Micro finance search for financially powerless petty traders.
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WODIA has enhanced the lives of more than 100,000 women and still counting. Better life for
women improves the quality of life of the children and reduce the number of street children.

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